Sell-Side M&A

Think Like a Buyer!

Ensure any company sale process includes the following elements:


Without careful preparation, any obstacle encountered can derail a deal. Critically evaluating a business prior to engaging buyers will not only mitigate this risk, but also uncover new sources of value.

Large Buyer Pool

Go beyond the usual buyers — financial buyers or peer competitors — and think creatively about how your business can benefit its new owner. Can your business serve as a beachhead into new markets, capabilities, or know-how?

Competition Among Qualified Buyers

Numerous buyers alone are not enough. To successfully foster competition, a seller must retain buyer interest even as prices are pushed up by competition. This happens only when the strategic message resonates with the right buyers.

Timeline Discipline

A deal will never close unless a seller is willing and capable to set and enforce deadlines to prevent buyers stalling the process. Effective preparation helps rapidly addressing buyers’ concerns, thus keeping the process on track.

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