Strategic Business Development

By pursuing the right customers and leveraging the right partners, businesses can grow sales beyond the limitations of internal constraints.

Existing infrastructure, staff bandwidth, and finite resources can constrain a company’s ability to drive revenue growth. Strategic Business Development initiatives provide a way to add new value to your business at a limited incremental cost.


Your intellectual property may have profitable applications in markets that are not currently core to you. By licensing your technology to the right partner, you can monetize non-core markets without changing your strategy.


Channel partnerships can help you add incremental revenue with a low cost of sales acquisition. As such, the right channel partner can be a force multiplier for a low-footprint sales force.


Licensing exclusive technology can be a great away to pursue backward integration without adding overhead, while differentiating your products and creating a barier for competitors.


Not all desireable or strategically fitting capabilities can be effectively built in-house. In situations like these, a strategic partnership with an external source can make viable new business avenues.

Similar to M&A

Like mergers & acquisitions, strategic business development initiatives use external 3rd parties to achieve a broader transformation than available organically. When used deliberately, such arrangements can positively change a company’s growth trajectory. Lets us know how Crossroads Capital can complement your growth efforts.

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